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We Provide Value
Process of the creating metaverse is not simply with one click. RedwolfMeta team will be in touch with you from very start to the very end and to know out process, follow the stages below
  • Consultation
    First of all we would get in touch with you and provide you information about your business, research pain points with your digital department and how your business would be more profitable with metaverse
  • Design Meeting
    We meet for a design meeting where we will present you our past work and that would fit best your business model
  • Downpayment/Full Payment
    Once we both agree on final choice, we would proceed with payment. It is a possibility to choose either way:
    • Full Payment upfront
    • Downpayment of 25%
  • Meta-Development
    Development of metaverse is the longest stage and the longevity depends on the scope of work. During this stage we develop the metaverse for your business
  • *Full Payment
    This stage is only for clients who decided to go with downpayment
  • Guide "How to Use"
    On this stage our team is connected with you and your team where we extensively explain how to use the metaverse
    Finally, after all stages you become an official owner of a metaverse for you and your business. Moreover, you receive a Certificate of Ownership and registration on blockchain

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