the exhibition will explore

the concept of safety and sanctuary through a variety of mediums

The exhibition aims to offer a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the theme of safety by showcasing the work of talented artists

Artists is an important aspect of our exhibition. Through their artwork, artists have the power to provoke thought, challenge norms, and evoke emotions. They can address sensitive and important topics that are often difficult to discuss openly. By showcasing their work at a Safe Apace, artists provide a platform for dialogue and reflection, allowing viewers to engage with these topics in a supportive and non-judgmental environment
our artists
Florencia Tolstoy
Florencia Tolstoy was born in Argentina and studied artistic high school in Spain. Her work focuses on abstract minimalist art. She exhibited works in Leipzig, Germany and her work is found in Capsules book
"From oil paintings to digital art, my style combines magical realism and fusion"
Jane Red
"I believe that art should challenge our comfort zones and expand our horizons. Whether you are an artist or a spectator. Either way, we are all creating something bigger than a work of art. Every day all of us write our own history and choices.
Mayada Shibir
"A sanctuary, delicate and cherished, a haven of bliss and serenity, a realm for both solitude and togetherness, a realm for self-discovery, warmth, and solace — such is the essence of a safe space.
John Fowler
make beautiful art
Anna Edkina
A contemprary minimalist artist from Turkey with ability to see the vision of art with just simple brush stroke. Her goal is simplicity just like in life to achieve the big through small.